The first realistic shooting simulation (RSS) pistol based on the STI 1911-A1 design. STI 1911-A1 is based on the famous model 1911-A1 designed by legendary John M. Browning. This updated version features many improvements for better handling and usefulness, like a flared mag well, for fast reloads. The 6mm Airsoft replica of the STI 1911-A1 with realistic shooting simulation from ActionSportGames® is based on the original STI 1911-A1 designs and made under license by STI. Therefore the pistol is made with the correct design and dimensions as well as authentic markings. The technology behind the realistic shooting simulation is based on the patented technology of Marushin Kogyo Co. LTD, Japan. The magazine holds 8 cartridges loaded into the magazine like a real firearm – each cartridge holds one 6mm BB. When fired, the spent cartridge will eject.

Like a real cartridge, and a new cartridge is loaded into the chamber of the pistol. The spent cartridges can be used over and over again by simply loading them with a new 6mm BB. The STI 1911-A1 pistol is powered with gas, stored in the magazine.


  • Ambidextrous frame mounted safety
  • Flared magazine well
  • Grip safety
  • Large magazine bumper
  • Accessory rail
  • Light weight hammer
  • Original markings

Make/Model: ASG STI 1911-A1 RSS Shell Ejecting GBB Gun

Manufacturer: Action Sport Games (ASG)

Item #:  50010

UPC Code: 5-707843-050906

Type:  Gas Blowback

Velocity: 279 FPS

Shooting Mode: Semi Automatic, Safety

Energy: 0,7 Joule

Magazine Capacity: 8 rounds (6mm BB)

Weight: 720gr/1.6lb

Length: 220mm/8.8inch x 105mm/4.2inch

Color: Black

Shooting System:  Hop-up (None)