Introducing the World’s First Double-Barrel, Air Cartridge Paintball/Airsoft Pistol! The DEUCE incorporates a unique Double Firing-Pin Action and Selector Switch, that allows you to fire each barrel separately, or both at the same time! Perfect for Scenario games or whenever you might need a couple of covert back-up shots!

Larger than the Solo, the new Goblin Deuce is still compact enough to take your opponents by surprise! Use the Paintball Barrels to fire single Paintballs, or launch up to 24 6mm Airsoft BBs at time with the Airsoft Barrels!

Both the Goblin Deuce and Solo can launch Paintballs, First-Strike Rounds, and 6mm Airsoft BBs!

Interchangeable Plastic Barrels are available in many different sizes for your favorite Paintball rounds, and the 6mm Airsoft Barrels turn your Deuce into a Super-Powerful Airsoft Shotgun! Got a Solo? Use an Airsoft Barrel and you’ve got the World’s Smallest Grenade Launcher! (You’ll be blown away at how effective it is!)


  • Deuce Marker
  • Heavy Duty Polymer construction
  • Metal Trigger Assembly
  • Break Action Double Barrel
  • Uses rechargeable Air Cartridge Shells
  • Interchangeable Cartridge End Pieces: 6mm BBs or Single .68 Paintball
  • Uses CO2, Green Gas, and Propane
  • 4x Airsoft 6mm Cartridge End Pieces included!
  • Includes soft carry case, extra o-rings, and propane tank adapter

Make/Model: The Deuce Player Set

Manufacturer: Goblin Air Sports


UPC Code: N/A

Type: Green Gas/CO2/Propane Powered Non-Blow Back Mini Shotgun

Velocity: 300+ FPS

Shooting Mode:  Single Shot

Energy: N/A

Magazine Capacity:  12 6mm BBS or single .68 paintballs

Weight: .95 pounds

Length: 8 Inches

Color: Black

Shooting System: