Description: Green Gas powered Airsoft Pistols shoot hard and loud for a great feel. This is a blowback pistol so every time you shoot the slide will actually move back giving a realistic look and sound! It’s time to check out the Green Gas HFC HG-193 FPS-350 Full Metal Blowback Airsoft Pistol. Once you hold this Airsoft gun you’ll understand it’s in a class of its own. One of the coolest features on this Airsoft gun is the slide lock. The slide will stay open once all the BBs in the magazine are shot. So while the slide is open you can drop out the magazine, put in a full one and then release the slide back into its normal position and the Airsoft gun will chamber a BB just like a real gun.


  • Green Gas Powered
  • Metal And ABS Construction
  • Blowback Technology
  • 26 RD Magazine
  • Hop Up
  • Full Auto
  • Extender

Make/Model: HFC HG-193

Manufacturer: Keymere

Item #: HGA-193X

UPC Code: 4716500619340

Type: Full Metal Gas Powered Blow Back

Velocity: 300 FPS

Shooting Mode: Semi Automatic

Firing Capability: Full Auto/Semi Auto


Magazine Capacity: 26 6mm 20g BB2

Weight: 2.43 pounds

Length: 9.25 inches

Color: Black

Shooting System: Hop Up