Description: Finally, a Green laser everyone can afford! This powerful, long range laser offers both daytime visibility and superior accuracy. Precision machined from aircraft grade aluminum with a hard anodized finish for rough use in any conditions. Features precise windage and elevation adjustments that get you on target every time and includes both end-caps and remote-pressure switches, universal Picatinny/Weaver mount that fits most tactical firearms, a padded storage tin, and a 3V lithium battery, Imported.

All green laser products operating at 532nm are subject to varying degrees of illumination power loss in cold weather (60 degrees Fahrenheit or less) unless proper procedures are followed.

For optimal and maximum illumination in cold conditions:

  1. Place 2 hand warmers around unit and secure with self adhering wrap which can be found in drug stores or camo color wraps in sporting goods stores. (The hand warmers slow down the heat loss through the aluminum housing).
  2. Place a warm battery (room temperature) in the unit and turn on before going outside.
  3. If the power level fluctuated, replace battery with a warm battery and continue use. (Rotate batteries as needed).”


  • Innovative Design with TS Platform and SSS Structure for Most Durable and Responsive Internal Adjustments
  • Clear and Extra Bright Green Laser Beam, Accommodates Wider Range of Cold and Warm Temperatures
  • Precise and Wide Range Windage and Elevation Adjustments for All Firearms
  • Capable of Long Distance Aiming With Instant Target Lock Technology for Maximum Shooting Performance
  • Universal Integral Mounting Deck to Install on Military Standard Picatinny/Weaver Rails
  • Ambidextrous Push Button Switch and Remote Pressure Switch
  • Powered by One 3V Lithium Battery with Most Compact and Tactical Design
  • Great Quality and Long Lasting Lifetime for Extended Use on Wide Range of Firearms Under the Most Demanding Environments
  • Hard Anodized Finish for Wear Resistance
  • Tin Metal Case for Storage

Make/Model: Leapers UTG SCP-LS169

Manufacturer: Leapers UTG

Item #: SCP-490

UPC Code: 712274523418

Type: Green Laser

Weight: 7.1 oz

Length: 4.76″

Color: Black

Material: Aluminum

Switch Operating Type: Push-button Momentary/Twist-on Permanent Switch

Laser specs:

  • Laser Control & Adjustment: TS & 3Points
  • Laser Beam Movement: 96cm @ 10m
  • Laser Type: Class 3R
  • Laser Output Power: 2.5-4mW
  • Laser Wavelength: 530-540nm
  • Laser Beam Diameter: 10-12mm@15m
  • Laser Operating Temperature: 59oF – 95oF
  • Laser Battery Operating Time: 480mins
  • Laser Battery Type: CR123A Lithium Battery X1
  • Laser Range: 1000m
  • Laser Life Time: 3000hrs