XMODS are 1:28 scale electric radio controlled cars. The cars’ primary  focus is on customization, and they are available in a variety of body styles and types traditionally favored by tuners. Fall 2005 saw the introduction of a new model line dubbed “Evolution” which also features a line of trucks. The cars are distributed by Radio Shack in the United States, by Hobby Products International (HPI Racing) in Japan and by Carson Modellsport (Subdivision of Tamiya Germany) in Europe.

The original, first-generation XMODS were released in the Fall of 2003, featuring semi-proportional steering and modular construction enabling parts to be swapped called Upgrade Kits. Eleven body styles have been released (one exclusive to Europe and Asia).  Hobby Products International continues to distribute the generation 1 car, though RadioShack has discontinued the line in the United States.

The XMODS Evolution models were released in the autumn of 2005. They had substantial construction differences from the previous model and are available with either a car or truck chassis. The electronics were vastly improved, with one main board compared to two separate pieces in the generation 1 version. The motor was mounted transversely in contrast to generation 1’s longitudinal layout. While the generation 1 chassis had a separate battery housing (each holding two AAA batteries) on each side, the Evolution chassis had one battery housing (holding four AAA batteries) at the bottom. This series was discontinued in the U.S. by RadioShack in mid-2007.

It was possible to swap bodies and most parts between the Evolution and generation 1 cars. Some models sold outside the U.S. by HPI featured repainted generation 1 bodies.    Even though each model has a different body, all models in a particular line share the same or similar chassis. The most notable difference in the chassis is its length relative to its body top.