This first and finest in the airsoft field, the Blow back KP5 CM049 from CYMA. This amazing AEG has full metal finish and featuring BLOW BACK function, which moves your bolt on every shot exactly like the real steel ! The Newest blow back system is not just move the cover plate, its actually move the entire bolt on every blow back; therefore you will feel REAL Recoil feeling that you can only find it on gas blow back guns. This is the strongest recoil and the most realistic feel we have ever seen on an Airsoft Gun. Incredible realistic work from CYMA.

Newest addition from CYMA, This replica of CYMA KP5-A5 RIS Full Metal Airsoft Gun [CM049] is made in full metal. Featuring full metal body included upper + lower receiver, folding stock, and metal RIS Tri-Rails. The Tri-RIS rails (at the bottom and on both sides), which can be attached additional accessories, included tactical hand grip. Stock is covered with a layer of rubber for maximum comfort. Easy to open body, you can move off it completely by pulling a pin. The is by far the best CYMA KP5-A5 RIS Full Metal Airsoft Gun [CM041] AEG on the market. Reinforced V2 gear box output 400 fps constantly.


  • 400 FPS w/ 0.2gbb
  • Electric Powered
  • Fully Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Foldable Stocks
  • Perfect for Airsoft Game
  • High Cap Magazine included holds 200 rounds
  • High Power re-chargeable battery 8.4V
  • Fires approx. 500-600 rounds per minute
  • Length: 26.8 inches (extended) 19.3 inches (retracted)
  • Height: 8.25 inches
  • HOP-UP adjustable
  • Semi or Full Automatic operation
  • Rubber cushion for stock
  • Electric automatic BLOWBACK airsoft rifle … ejection port slide kicks back after EVERY SHOT, delivering an authentic sounding “CLINK” while providing a minimal recoil to replicate the feel of a real rifle without any adverse effect on accuracy

Make/Model: KP5 (M5)  CM049 

Manufacturer: CYMA

Item #: 

UPC Code: 

Type: Full Metal AEG W/ Blowback

Velocity: 395-450 FPS

Shooting Mode: Semi Automatic/Automatic


Magazine Capacity: (220) 6mm 20g BB2

Weight:  8 pounds

Length: 26.8 inches (extended) 19.3 inches (retracted) (500mm)

Color: Black

Shooting System: AEG