Description: P226 is the sidearm of the special forces U.S.Navy Seals. It provides high reliablity and strong performance and very good accuracy. Military and law enforcement agencies around the world have adopted the P226 for duty use. A little known fact is that it tested far superior to the Beretta 92F in the XM9 trial tests by the US military. The 92F was chosen over the P226 for cost reasons (and also Beretta’s willingness to open factories for manufacturing the 92F in the US).

This HFC is an authentic replica of this high performing pistol. Decocking lever acts as safety for the gun and lowers the hammer to Double Action mode. Removable metal full size magazine. This full-metal marvel has a full-metal exterior and it gives some really nice metallic noises when firing this gun. The trigger pull is very nice and crisp, and the response is good. It has pretty decent performance for a standard sized pistol, with 290fps performance with Green Gas and .2g BBs.

The HFC P226 is based on the Tokyo Marui P226 with some compatible parts. Please note that the inner barrel is not compatible.


  • Green Gas Powered
  • Full Metal Construction
  • 1:1 Scale
  • Blowback Mechanism
  • Velocity (FPS): 300
  • Lower RIS
  • Adjustable Hop Up System
  • Magazine BB capacity: 25
  • Semi Automatic

Make/Model: HFC HG-175/P226

Manufacturer: Keymere

Item #: HG-175X

UPC Code: 4716500217546

Type: Full Metal Gas Powered Blow Back

Velocity: 300 FPS

Shooting Mode: Semi Automatic


Magazine Capacity: 25 6mm 20g BB2

Weight: 2.26 pounds

Length: 7.9 inches

Color: Black

Shooting System: Hop Up